In light of COVID-19, ERS observations conducted by our independent assessment team as part of the rating process will remain suspended until further notice. Programs that receive a Provisional Rating of 3-5 Stars, qualifying for an ERS observation, will maintain their Provisional Rating until it is safe for our assessment team to resume their observations. Although a program’s 3-5 Star Provisional Rating will be maintained until an ERS observation can be completed, the final Active Rating expiration date for impacted programs will be based on the date the Provisional Rating is awarded, rather than the Active Rating date.

QUALITYstarsNY does not make changes, even temporarily, to the rating process lightly. However, we believe this is the best path forward to ensure QUALITYstarsNY ratings accurately reflect program quality amidst these unprecedented conditions. This course of action is also consistent with the recent statement issued by the Environmental Rating Scale Institute (ERSI), which recommends the ERS not be used under pandemic conditions to evaluate overall program quality in an official assessment, but rather used to inform program improvement.