Pamela Spinks

Program Quality Coach

Pamela Spinks is an educator with over 20 years experience in Early Childhood Education. She is a certified Health and Life Coach as well as an empowerment facilitator. Pamela’s journey in Early Childhood began as an office assistant in a daycare program and gradually progressed until she earned an M.S. in Early Childhood and Special Education along with her professional New York State Teacher’s certification. Pamela believes her gradual progression through the ranks of Early Childhood has provided a wealth of experience from a variety of perspectives. These varied experiences led her to see the need for coaching in Early Childhood. A product of leadership coaching herself, Pamela believes the key to developing and maintaining high quality programs is to provide opportunities for both professional support and personal growth and development to leaders and teachers in the field. She strongly believes that successful coaching means coaching the whole person. As a result, Pamela most looks forward to connecting and partnering with leaders and teachers and to supporting them in achieving their vision and goals for themselves and for their programs. She is excited to see more focus and funding being channeled into coaching, she believes this targeted support will facilitate a dynamic and positive shift in the Early Childhood Education community.