Johanna Torres

New York City

Johanna Torres has accumulated more than 25 years of experience in early childhood education, which she now brings to her position as a Quality Improvement Specialist at QUALITYstarsNY. She is deeply committed to delivering comprehensive services to children and families, advocating for their rights, and forging connections with organizations that support these crucial elements. Johanna is also dedicated to assisting teachers along their professional paths. Her optimistic outlook and unwavering energy serve as a source of inspiration for others, motivating them to strive for excellence. Possessing two Master’s degrees in Early Childhood General Education and Special Education, Johanna boasts a solid foundation in educating children of all age groups and has occupied various administrative roles within the field. Johanna has held various administrative roles, including serving as the Education Manager and disabilities coordinator at CCP, overseeing compliance as the director for education and ERSEA Head Start/Early Head Start, managing as the home-based director, and leading as the site/education director. As a Quality Improvement Specialist, Johanna aims to support program leaders by offering creative solutions and progressive tactics. By doing so, we can create a meaningful impact on the well-being of children and families and assist program staff in achieving their utmost capabilities. She is excited about joining forces and collaborating with QUALITYstarsNY programs.