Cristina Lenis

New York City

Dr. Cristina Lenis has more than 20 years of experience working with children between the ages of 2 – 21, in both regular and special education settings. She holds a Master’s degree in Childhood/Special Education, Grades 1-6 from Touro College and a Doctorate in Educational Administration & Supervision from St. John’s University. Throughout her career, Cristina has held a variety of roles, including homeschool teacher, Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) instructor, Education Director, proposal writer, and education consultant. She has also published two journal articles titled “Does Participation in Extracurricular Activities Impact Student Achievement?” and “An Analysis of Early Childhood Teacher’s Perceptions of Quality Indicators that Impact Children’s Social, Emotional and Language Development”. Cristina is very passionate about education, family involvement, and helping to close the language barrier that exists between parents and school.