The Points

A program/provider's star rating is determined using a point system. Sites earn points for meeting standards in each of the four categories. At least 10% of the total possible points must be earned in each category.

All sites can earn up to 290 possible points before receiving points for the ERS observations, up to 50 points based on the ERS observation scores, and up to 20 possible points depending on specific site conditions. These conditions include:

  • Serving infants
    Sites must serve at least infants or toddlers/preschoolers
    to participate in QUALITYstarsNY
  • Serving toddlers/preschoolers
  • Serving children with Individualized Education Plans (IEPs)/ or Individualized Family Service Plans (IFSPs)
  • Serving children whose home language is not English
    • Serving 50% or more of children whose home language is not English

The maximum percentages of points that can be earned in each category are:

Learning Environment30%
Family Engagement20%
Qualifications and Experience25%
Management and Leadership25%

Summary of Point Structure

Learning EnvironmentFamily EngagementQualifications & ExperienceManagement & LeadershipTotal Possible for All Sites
Centers, Schools and Family Providers
Total possible for all sites, without ERS53579090290
Minimum number required based on total possible for all sites669930
Total possible for all sites, with ERS103579090340
Total possible under all conditions, with ERS108729090360

How QUALITYstarsNY Calculates Provisional and Active Ratings

To calculate a site's Provisional Rating, divide the number of points earned, including any conditional points but without ERS points, by the total possible points (without ERS) and multiply that number by 100. The resulting percentage determines the site's star level.

Regulated site
10% – 39% points
40% – 59% points (Provisional)
60% – 84% points (Provisional)
85% – 100% points (Provisional)

Sites earning Provisional Ratings of Three Stars and higher will receive independent ERS observations. Sites that earn less than 4.25 on their ERS observation will recieved an Active Rating of Two Stars.

Sites earning Provisional Ratings of Two Stars will not have independent ERS observations and will receive an Active Rating of Two Stars. Sites that earn less than a Two Star rating will remain in the One Star level.

To calculate a site's Active Rating, add the number of points earned in the independent ERS observation to points earned in the Provisional Rating, divide that by the total possible points, now including total possible ERS points, and multiply that number by 100.

Regulated site"meeting regulatory requirements"
10% – 39% points"satisfactory quality"
40% – 59% points"good quality"
60% – 84% points"very good quality"
85% – 100% points"excellent quality"

***Please note that decimal points are not rounded up. For example, a resulting percentage of 59.56% is 59% (Three Stars).

Example of Points and Star Rating Calculation

Site A is a preschool program that serves children with special needs. Like all other sites, Site A is eligible for up to 290 points before factoring in the ERS points. Since Site A also serves children with special needs and serves preschoolers it can earn an additional 4 points. Therefore, Site A's Provisional Rating is based on the number of points earned out of 294.

Program A receives 168 points before factoring in independent ERS observations. 168 is divided by 294 and multiplied by 100 to obtain 57%. Program A therefore receives a Provisional Rating of Three Stars.

Provisional Rating = 168
* 100 = 57% =
Three Stars

Program A's Provisional Rating of Three Stars indicates that independent ERS observations should be conducted. Program A receives an average ECERS-R score of 5.25 for a total of 40 additional points. The 40 points are added to the initial 168 points for a total of 208 points. Since all sites can receive up to 50 additional points for the ERS observations, Program A's total possible points is now 344. 208 is divided by 344 and multiplied by 100 to obtain 60%. Program A therefore receives an Active Rating of Four Stars.

Active Rating = 208
* 100 = 60% =
Four Stars