Learning Environment Enhancements and Transformations

"At CloverPatch Early Childhood programs at the Center for Disabilities Services, we believe that every child, in spite of the challenges they may face, deserves access to a quality preschool environment. This generous grant [supported by QUALITYstarsNY] has allowed us to work with our Quality Improvement Specialist and the Capital District Child Care Council to redesign one of our classrooms. Our new classroom provides children opportunities to explore a variety of interests and learning areas. Our teachers and clinicians have remarked at the progress they have already seen in the children in just a few short weeks. Allowing children to have opportunities to explore a variety of interest centers allows them to work on their goals through natural play experiences. Who knows how far our children will grow given this wonderful opportunity! Thank You!!"


Paula Silliman
Program Administrator
CloverPatch Early Childhood Services
Glenville, NY